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Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained While You Work From Home

By Angela Williams April 01, 2020

Keep Your Kids Entertained While You Work From Home

If you are among the many people now working from home while your children are home from school, you are likely wondering: how on earth do I get work done with children at home? As many work from home parents know, keeping your children occupied while you work on the computer, contact clients and otherwise try to go about your work day is not easy. If you have children at home that need to be occupied, consider the following 4 work from home ideas that are perfect for work from home parents.

Prepare lunch ahead of time 

Having children at home means more meals—but stopping to make every meal can really cut into your work day. One way to avoid the dreaded “what’s for lunch?” question is to prepare lunch for the day ahead of time.

If your kids are old enough to use the microwave, then prepared lunches can include something they can pop in the microwave to warm up such as pizza or a hot sandwich. Otherwise, prepare lunches that can be eaten right out of the fridge—such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with apple slices, carrots and a bag of chips on the side.

Bento lunchboxes with sections gives a visual of the different types of food choices children would have in their meal.  For instance, a lunch container with 5 different compartments is ideal for children's nutritious foods.

Create a box of child-friendly art supplies

Craft time can keep your kids occupied for a long time, especially if you prepare a child-friendly art supply box with plenty of craft supplies and tools. Paper, crayons, glue sticks, felt, markers, watercolor paints, and even glitter (at your own risk!) can all give your kids something to do for a while. You can tailor the supply box to your children’s ages. For instance, if you have younger children, stick to safe and mess-free materials—whereas older kids will be able to use scissors and smaller items more readily. If your kids aren’t sure what to make, give them a “theme” for the crafts they make that day—such as “favorite book/movie characters,” “animals,” and so on.

Art kits are available providing children all of the safe supplies needed to be creative and make their own trinkets and items.

 Roll over image to zoom in Dragon Too Mega Kids Crafts and Art Supplies Jar Kit

Create a cozy book corner

If your children love books, now is the time to embrace their love of reading! Create a cozy book corner where they can retreat to quietly read for hours. Don’t forget to get out all their favorite books and place them on low shelving or in a book box that they can easily reach. That way, if they finish a book, all they have to do is reach in and grab another one!

Rotate the toys that you keep out every day

If your children have lots of toys, then they are likely already bored of playing with them.  You can keep play time fresh by rotating the toys that are “out” in the playroom or living room every day. This will help prevent your kids from getting bored since they will be getting something “new” to keep their minds occupied each day.

Jigsaw puzzles, brain teasers and block set games are also a great activity to hep children develop their brain and problem solving skills.

 Roll over image to zoom in Wooden Tetris Puzzle Brain Teasers Toy

If you are a work at home parent, then don’t forget to use one or more of the above work at home ideas to keep your children occupied while you work!

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  • Keeping kids entertained throughout these times are crucial. Its all about finding the balance of learning and having a good time. Oh, and letting me get some work done too! lol Thanks a lot.

    Angela Williams on

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