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Giving the Gift of Jewelry to Mothers

By Angela Williams April 29, 2020

Giving the Gift of Jewelry to Mothers


With Mother's Day swiftly approaching, jewelry has always been a go-to for appreciating the lovely women in our lives. But how can we gift beautiful items that are cost efficient?

Jewelry is always a wonderful surprise to give and to receive

When it comes to mothers and daughters, their relationship is truly unique. Mothers and daughters have a bond that cannot be broken because they have a blood relationship that is eternal. Both mothers and daughters have the ability to express their love and appreciation through well-thought-out words and gifts.

Mothers and daughters have exchanged jewelry as a token of their affection for centuries. Mother and daughter jewelry can come in many forms; it can include the following: necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets. This jewelry can be engraved with memorable words, it can have jewels, or it can come in simple shape like a heart. Regardless of what an individual chooses to give as a gift, both mothers and daughters love to receive gifts that show that they are highly esteemed.

Get the Jewels

Jewels can truly be everlasting. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies are not only beautiful stones, but they can have a significance that goes far beyond their brilliance. Jewels can be passed on to other family members, and they also gain value with the passing years. In families around the world, jewelry is saved as a legacy. Even if this is a tradition that had not been initiated in a family, it is a great gift giving pattern to start.

How to Save Money and Save the Planet

A large number of earth conscious mothers and daughters think about ways that they can lower their environmental impact on the world. This is something that can be done even when they are purchasing a gift.

Lab created jewels are jewels that are good for the environment. These jewels leave a minimal ecological footprint because they are conflict-free, and they are made in controlled laboratories. When jewels are made in a controlled laboratory, their production does not damage the earth, and these jewels are also not mined by human labor.

Jewelry created using artificially created gemstones, such as diamonds for example, have the exact same properties as their naturally occurring counterparts. Scientific research has been able to create these gems on a large scale and their properties are identical to traditionally mined jewels.

Apart from that fact, these jewels are significantly lower in cost than jewels that were mined from the earth. Since there was less time and effort involved in making these jewels, an individual can save about 20% to 30% on their lab created jewel purchase. Earth-savvy moms and daughters do well to investigate lab created jewels when they are thinking about giving jewelry as a gift.

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Give a Gift to the Woman You Love

When it comes to a surprise, a woman truly appreciates receiving a gift when she knows that it was well-thought-out and from the heart. Both moms and daughters alike want to be able to show their love and appreciation for one another. Even though a gift of jewelry cannot always show the depth of one's feelings, jewelry has stood the test of time as a wonderful symbol of love, respect, and appreciation.

We hope you, wife, your mother, sisters and friends enjoy this and every Mother's Day!

Written by Emily Green for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

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